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Originally Posted by Seawolf
Religions are beautiful because they're different expressions of humanity throughout history trying to understand the 'why'. We don't understand who we are or why we're here, so we try to figure it out. Sure religions have some similarities, because we're all humans.

Also they have differences, which is beautiful too because we're also very diverse. We often want everyone to be the same, but we should appreciate the diversity instead of saying all religions are the same or that they should unite. If everyone believed the same way it would be a boring world. Much like a hell.

When one insists that all religions are inherently the same or that their differences are merely superficial, usually reveals that they lack any note worthy understanding of different customs and beliefs. They are all an expression of mankind's connection to the world and various things within it, whether it's a god or otherworld, or nature itself. But they differ in very sharp ways, and in learning about them, one learns about man's relationship to the world and himself, seeing the kaleidoscope of diversity that paints the canvas of our species.
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