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Originally Posted by Fujiwara Kaito
^ This is the claim of most religions. ^

The Abrahamic religions believe that god created the universe.
Pagan religions usually believe that god IS the universe / nature.
Scientists can explain it with the big bang.
The Hindu believe that all of there gods are a part of the universe.

It seems to be true: the common belief that there is only one god.
Could it be, that all gods are just another face of the same? I think so.
All that is = all that is! we are a part of it!

Maybe it is time we all look god in the face, by looking within ourselves.
Then can we see the beauty in ALL religion.
I believe we all agree and that we just don't know it.
I see all religion as pieces of a spiritual puzzle. - one we have yet to finish -
I don't buy it.
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