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What are The Akashic records?

The Akashic Records

Every thought, every word, every deed, every event …
Are all eternally a part of the Akashic record system.

From the dawn of time and space. Ever since your soul and spirit was conceived into the realms of possibility, and the physical planes of existence spewed forth, all your memories and experiences have been saved and scribed into the halls of records; the halls of learning.

There are many halls of learnings, for there are many soul groups in which they are kept. Each soul group keep and maintain their own hall of records in a way that is best suited to them. Not all physical life forms require an akashic book to imprint their journey, but sure enough you yourself have one. It is this book which you will look upon to review the life you have just lived upon your passing to the spirit world. It is in and through this akashic book that you will be your own judge and jury. It is in and through this book that you reflect and learn about who you have been and determine who you want to be.
You will not immediately confront your life review, your akashic book, straight after passing unless you are ready and able to do so. Some souls who pass to the spirit world bring with them chains of negativity which shackle them from a place of true reflection and understanding. They must be given time to shed the fears, inflictions and traumas of their physical journey before they can move forward. This may take a sense of days, or thousands of years. Each soul is different in this respect.

Once you are in a place of emotional readiness you will be taken to the hall of records to view your akashic book and your life history. Though many other souls will be there using the celestial library of your soul group, it is unlikely you will be able to see everyone present. Since each soul resonates at different states of vibration, this makes some souls invisible to others. You will simply see books flying and opening by themselves being read by an invisible presence. Those that resonate close to your own vibration will be visible to you, but they will be busy doing their own thing, as one usually does in a human library. Personal ‘space’ is respected and souls are given the privacy of engaging in their own activity of learning and reflection without interruption.

The hall of records works completely independent, and the books themselves are written by your own spirit itself the exact moment a word or action is manifested. Your spirit is constantly uploading and updating your akashic book every moment of your life. With each page is a new day of your life, amassing an incredible collection of volumes in the hall of records. This is why each hall of records is continuously expanding.
When you enter the hall of records you will be able to access certain records simply by your energy vibration. That is to say, the hall of records will already know what it is you seek and will bring the appropriate book to you completely automatically. The book will fly off the shelf and hover before you like a loving pet happy to see you.
You will only be able to access the level of knowledge and information that you resonate to at that specific time. This means if your loving vibration is not at the required state to gain access to specific information, then you simply will not have access at that time. As you develop your energy state to a more loving, universal state, your soul will gain keys to a much broader range of information encompassing every aspect, every corner of the galaxy and universe.
Access to such information is completely dependant on the permission and allowance of the spirit involved in writing that book. If another species does not feel you resonate to the required loving vibration then they will ask you to come back at another time, or they will only show you certain pages of certain books.

Each akashic record, each book, is a living perpetual manifestation. It has a life of its own and responds to the very thoughts and feelings you have. If there is a specific aspect or time of your life you wish to review then the book will automatically open to that page. The page will present the events in real time, as a multi-dimensional holographic projection. It will contain factual recorded thoughts, emotions and sensations felt at that exact moment in time and space. So you could say, you can relive every single moment of your life over and over again.
This is not all fun and games however, as such reflections often invoke deep emotion, guilt, regret, sorrow and sometimes anger. Your spirit guides will help to deal with these consequential emotions and suggest courses of action to remedy them. This will usually involve some kind of recompense or service to someone else, or further study in other halls of learning. You will try to understand why you felt as you did, thought as you did and acted as you did. In doing so you raise your own vibration and open doors to further possibilities within the spirit world.


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