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What happens when I die?

Nothing truly dies. Even the physical body of which you animate is recycled back into the garden of nature, to seed and feed new life.
It is not all of who and what you were, but an aspect of all of that. It was the instrument for your soul and your spirit. An instrument you used to indulge certain experiences through certain physical potentials. Though this came with many challenges and difficulties, that was merely part of being human. As with all physical states of being, perfection is found only via the spirit.

And so it is that you surrender your final breath. The soul which you associate with your Self-awareness, your concept of identity, your thoughts, feelings, free will, memories that make up your consciousness severs its link with the material world.
Depending on the current state of awareness at that moment, the soul will either align itself with higher frequencies of the spirit world, or will focus its awareness to the physical world.
If the latter is true, the soul may exist in a momentary state of confusion, denial or attachment to the Earth. Its thoughts anchor its consciousness, its awareness, to what is occurring on the Earth, and consequently causing them to float around unseen and unheard.
Eventually, through a change of thought or desire, the soul is made aware of a loving vibration coming from another source. At this moment the soul will reach a state where other souls usually reach who are more awakened at their time of passing.
A loved one, who they hold dear in their heart, will come to greet them and escort them to a higher frequency of energy. Most souls tend to be in a state of temporary confusion or amnesia about who they really are as a soul, and need their loving guides and loved ones to provide a comfort blanket to welcome them in their new state.
You will be taken into a loving environment familiar to you similar to what you are used to in your life past. Here you will be greeted by all those beings who you would so wish to see once more.

Of course, this is not always the way it works, for many souls project themselves into a completely different experience, based on their beliefs and their consciousness. Though this is generally what occurs in a typical sense, it is possible for souls to project a different picture for their experience. Sometimes it can be a frightening process if a soul is first drawn through a sea of sorrow and screams of all those souls they had harmed. In this instance, the soul itself is reflecting its own energy to itself in order to come to terms with their vibration. Before you can enter the realms of unconditional love, one must first shed the layers that do not resonate to that. This means acknowledging all aspects of who you are and what you have created. And from there processing this in a way you can comprehend and go beyond.
From here awaits you infinite potentials and endless pathways.


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