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Originally Posted by M.Tesla
Interesting how do you feel after that dream?

I've had a dream once where I woke up laughing too after the end part of the dream where I was talking to a green parrot.

Also have had a religious dream of jesus, buddha, and someone named "Kore wa sensou" which ended up translated to love is war. They were all sitting on different rocks that were sitting on flowing water, and they all said to do what I love to do, and to do it all the time.

I got this dream when I was searching for meaningfulness and happiness in my life.

Anyway that sounds cool.
interesting as well. Great insight on the meaning of happiness but have you explored the idea that love is war? Is this relationship love or love in general? How does being at war affect things? Maybe the idea of there being a war or battle to be won keeps you from true happiness. It may not be about huge battles with others but just the whole idea of life being a win lose proposition. It's something very prevalent in a highly competitive success driven world. Something to think about.
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