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Originally Posted by PilotOfTime
Hey guys! My cousin has been dealing with chronic back pain for a majority of his life, and I would like to find something that would help him.
In addition to that, he is still suffering from a dislocated shoulder which was not set properly and is causing nerve pain and numbness.
He cannot take traditional low-level pain medication since it no longer helps him, and anything stronger gets him addicted and it stops working unless he overdoes it.
Does anybody have any recommendations for a natural remedy?
Thank you all so much.

I assume he has seen a number of medical doctors, and I wonder if any cause has been identified, because pain, especially back pain, can be mysterious. You could look up Dr Stuart McGill. He is quite a famous spine specialist who has written a number of books, and he has a strong social media profile as well. There are several videos of his on youtube.
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