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Originally Posted by PilotOfTime
Hey guys! My cousin has been dealing with chronic back pain for a majority of his life, and I would like to find something that would help him.
In addition to that, he is still suffering from a dislocated shoulder which was not set properly and is causing nerve pain and numbness.
He cannot take traditional low-level pain medication since it no longer helps him, and anything stronger gets him addicted and it stops working unless he overdoes it.
Does anybody have any recommendations for a natural remedy?
Thank you all so much.

Red Kratom for the pain ..... too much and he will puke , no other side effects other than a bit of Euphoria from feeling RELEIF that WORKS! No overdose potential.
For the Shoulder ..... find a Chinese Massage Therapist! They will gently realign the shoulder and any vertabrea out of alignment which interfere with healing.
Daily Walks in Nature .....
REDUCING all STRESS is Essential!
Yoga, Tai Chi , Meditation , unlearning past conditioning.
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