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Sweet Annonafox....

Your fears and sadness are natural and a part of grieving. I would like to tell you of a message that came through me from my beloved husband and twin flame, also passed into spirit, going on some 12 years now. It was simply this:

He said the hardest part of dying is awakening from the dream [the dream being earth life in a finite body], but he said that then you begin to realize that you are waking to so much more! AND he said you take all that you experienced and felt here WITH YOU [it is not "forgotten" or left behind!]... all the love, all the experiences, all the memories. And you can check back in with those you love any time you like. It's as simple as focusing on them, and POOF! You are right there looking in, hearing their words and feeling their feelings.

I don't know if that is of comfort to you, but it surely was to me! I too feared he had "moved on"... that he was "too busy" to give his attention to earthly concerns or those he'd left behind. Not so! They still love and care about us, and though we will never be content with less than the love we shared human being to human being, never-the-less, we DO still have their love and from a more eternal place than this brief temporary experience. We must find what it is we are meant to do and why we are still here and go forth with that, and they remain ever in the background, cheering us on and providing such guidance as we are able to allow in. I say able to allow in, because I know that it's very hard to pull one's self out of grief and the heaviness of that grief and sorrow are very hard for those in the spirit realms to penetrate in order to commune with us. As time goes by and the intensity of your sorrow lifts somewhat, you may find yourself having all SORTS of contact with your beloved Matt... more than you ever hoped for!! Till then, sweet suffering lady, know that he sees you, loves you, and has not "moved on" or left you behind in any fashion. He is not something other than the Matt you knew and loved here... he is something MORE. All that he was here, and more! And so are you, my friend, you just can't feel it right now because of the heavy grief. In time you will reconnect with that aspect of yourself, and when you do it will be much easier for you and your beloved Matt to commune.

Holding you in the Light...

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