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Originally Posted by Greenslade
You are still in a relationship, but of a different kind. Matt is in Spirit and here you are, but you Love him and no doubt he Loves you. Things are different for him now, being in Spirit changes people. What doesn't change though, is the Love. I can't tell you for certain, but if you both believe you are twin flames then that Love is never going to go away, it transcends what we perceive as death into Eternity. And you're not the only one that feels this way, it happens quite a lot in here.

But you have to move on, Annonafox. You have to let him go, No, it won't be easy but what if he was sitting there watching you be this way? How would he feel? Chances are pretty good he's getting on with his Life, you have to get on with yours.

I agree with every word, Greenslade.

Heidi... Imagine... If it were you who is in the afterlife, enjoying the light and love and your soul family there. Would you want Mark who is in this world to be thinking about you all the time, and suffering and longing for you? Or would you want him to be enjoying the life and love he has here?

Which is more in the way of True Love?


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