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Originally Posted by annonafox
but there are also times now when I can think of Matt and smile. I think about something funny he said and did, and I can laugh, sometimes cry and laugh at the same time.

Thats it Annona! This is what will help to heal you. My friend had a good sense of humor and when he passed, I thought of some funny stuff he did and started laughing and that is when I first felt his presence. I stayed with it and allowed myself to feel his presence and more funny stuff of his came to mind spontaneously without having to think about it. Im sure it was him sending me those thoughts and vibes.

I practiced these kinds of happy thoughts about and connections with my friend alot and that is what helped me get over my grief. It was then that I realized he will be there for me always and that we are merely connecting and relating in a different way now. I highly recommend you make it a daily practice to think these happy thoughts about Matt and connect with him in that manner. You may still have moments of grief but thats OK, as long you start connecting to him in a new happy way.


I am very appreciative of your words today, Seazen

I didnt want to say this on my original post to you at the risk of sounding presumptuous and I wasnt sure, but it kind of felt like Matts presence was "directing" me as I was writing the latter part of my post to you and I went with it, though Im not sure about it. Im still kind of new to this intuition thing (it was probably just my imagination). Anyway, Im happy to hear my words resonated with you and I hope it helps. I wish you the best.

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