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More to annonafox.

Another thing I wanted to add. When you laugh at fond memories, SO DOES MATT. When you cry and grieve, so does he. That's not to say you shouldn't grieve, because it is basic human nature and besides, he deserves to be grieved for because he is not here in the physical for you to embrace, but he is with you every time you think of him, in whatever way you think of him, and is sharing those emotions you feel.

Also, astralsuzy suggested astral projecting to be with him, but you already do that. He visits you, and you visit him, probably every time you close your eyes in sleep. When we can let go of our left, survival brain hemisphere and enter into our intuitive right hemisphere (which we do when we sleep) it is so much easier to see each other, converse, embrace, be together. Most times people awaken next morning with a fuzzy recollection of what they presume was a dream, often never realising that this was actually precious time they spent together.

As for being ready for another relationship, don't even think about that now. If it is meant to be, it will happen when the time is right. For now, you are healing, and that can be a long process. You wouldn't break a leg and then try to run a marathon the following day, healing must be allowed its own time.
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