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woohooo I laughed out loud with *video killed the radio star* great song.

yesterday reading your post, I noticed that, you resonate with soma bottles, so its easier for you to notice colour in your minds eye/3rd eye. When you mentioned the gold star and soma bottles, I was going to mention that it could be your seeing the colours of your chakras and body areas. But I received a message to say nothing and I'm soo happy to hear in your post today, you have connected with colour in another way as well. And I take that as more proof for you that you are healing areas of yourself.

I was never any good at soma bottles, I did the Shirley Darby Academy of Colour Diploma, I felt more drawn to answers to my questions about the mind and body, everything to do with healing.
With the Rays, we did a colour reading to find what colour we were. But I found this link, if you already know your colour.

With books on colour, there is lots, only need to google *colour therapy*
Colour resonates with different areas of the body as well as chakras.
Can look up chakras and that explains the colour of those
Can look up colour psychology, it brings up al kinds of different meanings for colour and what areas they affect.
I usually just ask spirit to show me proof, or where to find answers to my questions, and I follow the guidance.

You will enjoy learning more on colour, as that delves quite deep into the nature of our mind and body. When our eyes are closed, the colour we see or when we go to put clothes on, the colour we are drawn towards. They can also show if our body is needing a boost or is over active as in stressed out.

woot woot :)
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