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I believe that everyone has the access to receiving gifts upon advancement and transitioning. When we all complete cycles of learning.

The few people I have taught over the years have all received something from the Masters in the Realms. They did the same metaphysical learning steps I myself did.
I also noticed, during their meditations on their chakras, while bonding with them, they all had very similar experiences as myself. Seeing spirits doing symbols on their hands (as it was long distance, I did not attune them, it was all channelled, I only requested that they receive the Reiki symbols) seeing their hands receiving purification visions, like water being poured over them from a silver bowl by a spirit.
They would see symbolic messages in visions and dreams as well.

One lady had a clairvoyant friend whom she practised Reiki on, and her friend said she could see Usui behind her guiding her hands, helping her. Which was fantastic as that proved to us, she really was receiving the guidance.
The young man who I just had the priviledge of spending 6 mths with, received a golden key when he completed his chakra bonding.

Ive met many people who have all received different items.
With the halo and cross, they were special gifts from spirit. She said I do gods work, and the guidance I receive is directly from the realms.
The medium side of clairsentient.

The diamond flame symbol, was when a friend of mine requested if spirit could open the violet flame area for me. But I had to go thru real life experiences first, like a test then the last dream was when I saw an old man, place these under each temple.
If we take notice of our dreams and meditations, we may see at times when we meet someone form the realms. Showing us how to open something, or how to activate an area. or seeing the light all of a sudden beam down upon our head and into our body as we reach the moment where we connect ourself, spiritworld and the universal energy.

There is lots of things you will receive, and its fantastic you took notice. :)
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