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Interesting on the gold halo and cross.

10 yrs ago, I was doing a lot of guiding work, and at the time, I was watching over a lady who was at end of life stages. I was told by my teacher at the time, that I received a gift, a golden halo.
I wasn't happy as I really wanted to have angel wings, but she said *nopes its a halo and its on your head*

Years later, I was having a lot of dreams, where I would be among a group of people and they were arguing I wasn't one of them. I didn't have the sign of the cross on me, a lady in the dream kept saying that I was one of them. I had an urge to go buy myself a necklace with a cross on it, which took me a couple months to find the one that caught my eye, and I thought this was what the dream meant.

But no... I met a lady at work who has a lot of abilities, but she kept looking at my head, I asked her what is she looking at, and she said *ohh you have a halo* then she described the halo, she said it wasn't the kind we see in pictures like a ring above the head. She said it looks like the popes mitre hat, and it had a gold cross on it.
I freaked out, I got a shock she could see it.

She told me the cross, is Christs Protection and that I will always be safe from harm, protected from evil. Everything I do and learn will be through channelling guidance from the Realms. She also said I would never be placed in front of a judge or court of law so to speak.

I have endured a lot of trials and obstacles over the years, but somehow whatever is needed always crosses my path. Things that we know is somehow linked to Divine Intervention.

I have received many different symbols and necklaces/bracelets as I advanced and transitioned but the very first I received was the halo, and then the cross, diamond of flames under the temples etc etc

When I was meditating and visiting different places, I once went to the Water Kingdom, and the King placed Maroon coloured Cloak around me.
In dreams and meditations, I would meet the Masters in the Realms, who placed the reiki symbols onto my hands and symbols and purification on my brow and crown.

But not only that, when I worked in aged care, soo many of the elderly would tell me they could all see the halo and cross, they would see the angels when called open for protection. Soo much proof.
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