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Originally Posted by knightofalbion
A very warm welcome to the forum, dear soul.

EFT is wonderful, though maybe not the solution is this specific case.

I notice your username is 'Someperson'. To me that sounds like someone with no self-confidence or belief.

Some person? You are a child of God! and potentially you're as good as anybody else, or even better.

Who are you? Set your stall out. You are a good person I'm sure. Go forward from there. Make an identity for yourself. Being kind. Being a gentleman. Being honest/sincere. Being loyal ...

At the end of the day, when you like you, other people will like you too!

There's someone for everyone. Maybe if you joined a club or society involving a hobby or interest, there straight away you've got a common factor, a talking point, and then well, who knows?! But you've got to try.

That is real great advice :) I feel going "within" and figuring out yourself would be beneficial for you. Relying on scripts and affirmations are good when we use them mindfully. They're more like catalysts that help align us better with our dreams/goals. It's easy to find ourselves leaning completely on these out of desperation, i understand, But what will help you more is getting to know your SELF first. Affirmations/scripts MIGHT line up rare synchronicities for you too ... like you bumping into the probable significant other on a wednesday in a cafe. Its possible. But then again isn't it more Fun to get out there and get first hand experience? Dream Big, goof up a little, get rejected a few times, reflect upon what areas need more chiseling in your life. That way you could REALLY enjoy the whole process of Falling and Growing in LOVE
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