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Go with the flow and do not fight things. We have a pull to want more or to at times maybe be seen as more. We have to accept that maybe the current Soul we have been given has something to learn or maybe a past karma debt to work on clearing. We are at times it seems along for the ride.

I came into this life being able to do so many things like Astral Travel and communications with the dead that so many struggle to learn. For me its child's play but I am blessed that a shy and inward childhood kept the EGO we all have in check or man I can only imagine the trouble I could have gotten into and maybe the damage I could have done.

Its frustrating to say the least at times to be around those that you can not openly chat to about things, or to know things others you feel should know. Its not easy being able to read others like you do a page on a book, but balance that out with the respects that its not right to do so.

I for so many years felt that I was born into the wrong house, the wrong times, but I know now that I am in the right place for me to help others. That seems to be what I came into this life for.

We at times have to just know when to keep things we are to our self and when to talk openly about them. Its a fine line balancing act at times we are put on the stage of life with.

The question comes to mind how we know we are an old soul, this is something open to great debate, but for those that are we have a vast knowledge of things others have to learn, we know of many past lives in greater details without having to do regressions. We can line up dates and places and validate them, we often look like someone from the past that might not have a huge linage in whom or what they did.

We pick up things in the paranormal realms with great ease at times, not knowing where or why it came to us. We meet people at times we feel we know but have never met before.

If we do a regression things simply flow in like a motion picture of memories. Readers will be able to pick up on our energy level. At times if we run our DNA Ancestry we find ties to places we have a pull or interest in but had no clue that was in the family line.

Example for me that was England but I was raised Scottish but that is not the line I have in my family DNA and why there is no history to be found in Scotland.

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