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Originally Posted by linen53
The brain damage was caused by West Nile Meningitis. It was mild (brain damage) compared to what it could have been. I forgot everything. I had to make lists to do every little task or I'd forget a step.

I was in two types of therapy for a while. One taught me that the brain will rewire itself. It will bypass the damaged parts (that are damaged for life) and pick up where I left off. It took about a year. I am different than I was before said brain damage. My personality is different. I like different things. I think different. That brain damage caused me to be able to put spiritual puzzle pieces together that, otherwise, I would have never been able to do in this lifetime. So for that I am thankful.

As far as the two concurrent lifetimes that are being played out while I am living out this one; now that was weird. I dreamed them. But they were no ordinary dreams. One is a large woman. She came from a very nurturing and supportive family. She lives on a different planet than this one. The sky was a kind of orangish color. No mountains. Just flat land. A old rickety gate we went through, a windchime tinkled we were going to see her art work. She was an artist.

Second woman (yes, both are women) is trim, slim, prim, smart and a business woman. She loves what she does and she's very good at it. I couldn't detect any family life, her life is her career.

Yep, I never put the cap on possibilities. Anything and everything is possible in my humble opinion.

I think it's beautiful, the strength shown throughout your entire process of your recovery. How it changed you and yet also brought you to yourself, to your centre. Also, it's amazing how you knew and appreciated these other aspects of yourself in different times and places. They are each exploring something different. Was the professional woman on earth or elsewhere, like the artist? Could you tell?

I felt the same way for those I was...and at least once so far I already invited them to a meeting so that they could begin to clear the air (the men had been killed and the woman had died fleeing under duress). And I was amazed at how the more they shared, the more I resonated with them and the more I knew myself, you know?

remember once I saw this man about 25 years ago. He came to a meeting I was attending. I was very uncomfortable around him. I seemed to sense he had broken my heart in a different lifetime. And he wasn't much better in this current lifetime. I blended into the shadows. I saw him half a dozen times and always steered clear of him. He never "recognized" me.

That's very interesting. It seems you were pretty perceptive back then too. I think you dodged a bullet. I know this sounds really weird but he may very well have been expecting the look you had from the prior lifetime, which no doubt varies from who you are now.

If he wasn't sensitive or simply didn't want to acknowledge it, then he might simply dismiss the soul info that you clearly picked up on, since you didn't fit the type he may have been unconsciously expecting. So you were able to fly under the radar.

This has happened to me at least twice where I was recognised at the soul level at least once. Both folks had really quite different reactions but both were due to the fact that my colouring is a bit different and I am no longer quite short.

In either case, I did not expect to be judged based on appearance or prior expectations by someone I trusted at the soul level. It's for this reason that I say you may have dodged a bullet as I look back at both these experiences and am still just gobsmacked and dumbfounded at the whole appearance bit.

What if I had been from the East, totally different culturally? Or Black or Latin or Native -- or heavy or very tall -- or (gasp) MALE? LOL...hahaha Now the last, that would have been a shocker, maybe. But hair colour & height? Luckily this lifetime, my sense of humour is back.

Peace & blessings
Bound by conventions, people tend to reach for what is easy.

Here we must be unafraid of what is difficult.

For all living beings in nature must unfold in their particular way

and become themselves despite all opposition.

-- Rainer Maria Rilke

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