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I have a celebrity tf too! Four years ago, I prayed for God to send me my husband! I wanted the man meant for me. I didn't know about twin flames. Well, God responded. First, He showed him to me via You Tube videos, and then I was shown his Sim! A couple of days later, a voice woke me up one morning, saying, "[b] is your great love!". It was the person He had been showing me! I was quite surprised that this celebrity was the man God meant for me. I certainly wasn't expecting to be shown this man. But, he is a wonderful man! His music is extremely well known (he has a 40 year career), but I never paid a whole lot of attention to it, and when God showed him to me, I hadn't thought about him in about 20 years (I'm in my 50s)! The first time I made telepathic contact, he was actually very happy to hear from if he had been looking for me. He totally accepted the concept of telepathic communication. Have we met in 3D? No, not yet. There have been many false starts. And when we do unite, I'll have to be a secret. His public image is quite different from his private self, and his public image would not have a girlfriend.

Thanks for reading. I'm new here! Great thread!
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