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Originally Posted by sea-dove
I dont find extreme fasting does bring on special experiences.
Hi Sea-dove,
Sounds that you did though...

Originally Posted by sea-dove
My experience was after the no food and water fasting at day 3 .. I had a hot bath and on getting out of the bath I got a massive head spin and collapsed onto the bathroom floor and could not stand back up. At that point a voice spoke to me as a command "stand child".. and I got actually picked up off the floor by a force and stood back on my feet (I didn't like get up at all, I was picked up by the force) and was strong then standing when that was done.

Originally Posted by sea-dove
I've had many big spiritual experiences when not fasting at all so I wont count that voice and being stood up (though I must admit that its the only time Ive had a force stand me up). You DO NOT need to fast for experiences.. just meditate or do spiritual and energy work and in my experience I'm less likely to have spiritual experiences when fasting then if I'm just meditating.
It seems that Jesus, Elijah, Moses and other men did need it in order to experience 'divine revelations'. It is not a necessity, agreed. However, in the case of a long fast, sleep deprivation, or poor diet/malnourishment it does give possibility to it being an hallucination. If there's a 'god' I somehow doubt it is a necessity to starve or be unhealthy in order to 'connect'.

Hope you're well and recovered.
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