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Originally Posted by 7luminaries
The discussion here on the bible translation has taken and interesting and IMO relevant turn. Context is key and this can skew interpretations very differently.

For example, this is how Judaism has mystically understood Genesis for...centuries, presumably always. It's difficult to find as many online refs as I'd like, mainly because this is the longstanding realm of texts. But here are a few.


Jews have always understood the creation story as thus:
The primordial composite being formed in God's image -- the primordial Adam, or Adam Kadmon -- was split into male and female whilst put into a sleep. The joint being was parted at the side (often translated as "rib"), and thus the being became distinct as two sexes and able to partner and reproduce. It was no longer alone in the world as the only one of its kind.

After that point "Adam" refers to a human male. The human male (Adam) then names himself and his kind "Ish" (man) and the human female and her kind "Ishah" (woman). It's all worth noting that all prior naming of all that is on earth BTW was done jointly whilst as "the Adam", i.e., Adam Kadmonů.the composite being.

Directly tied into this, in the longstanding mystical tradition, is the understanding that the first word of Genesis (Beresh*t, or "in the beginning") starts with B and its numeric value is 2. Humanity are created as two in this material realm, and they came into existence simultaneously as distinct male and female beings.

How we spin that or choose to understand that is based upon a varied mix of cultural, social, economic, and political understandings.

Peace & blessings
Why are you posting Jewish information in the Islamic section?

As for the first word of Genesis, it is בְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית. As you can see, it has no 'B'.

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