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Tai Chi & Qigong with a motor control disability.

Hi there. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I was born with dyspraxia -- a problem with motor control.

It's not a disability that takes away energy or strength to be suffice. It has more to do with control. This is probably why growing up playing volleyball, I kept making it so the ball is thrown all the way to the high ceiling instead of being vollied forward.

I also have a problem with body awareness, so if I close my eyes without checking on my body parts visually, I'll probably have more trouble than the average human being. Also, I'm bad at balance -- which much of these practice trains -- especially when I'm anxious.

I tend to be slower to figure out where my body parts should go during these exercises. I often do repetitive or similar movements (Ex. fidgeting) to feel "safe" because new movements freak me out easily. And with the many memories of being absolutely terrible at P.E or physical education class growing up, I get anxious.

It seems like these practices would help me physically and emotionally. So I thought I'd try it out.

Uhh . . . help?
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