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Originally Posted by iamthat
You're assuming that personality vanishes with the death of the physical body. I would suggest that mentality and emotions continue to exist for some time after physical death, and they hold us back for as long as we cling onto them. Someone who is negative while incarnate will be negative after the body has died, until they are willing to let go of negativity.


Yes I am aware I am doing that but not assuming. It is assured we don't and assumed it is not true. Imagine yourself without the body and all it's enticements. It can't be done. I strongly suggest considered it simply may be true. Think of the things done because of the physical. Negative emotions, anger, hate, violence, lashing out all because of fear and the brain, not the soul or spirit (i think). I guess I don't expect to have all the anger, etc without the body because the body caused it. By body I mean physical. As you know there's a theory that says the soul is very innocent and so can be manipulated so this would mirror your thought. The soul is too innocent and has to learn. It is why we return with a clean slate so to speak.

Some experience you have no experience of so it can't be comprehended. Suffice it to say, without the body it's not there, it vanishes, probably no longer related to. A transition that occurs of the mind for instance means the same person in their way feels different and not the same. So I say probable. It just seem more artificial to me and random.
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