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Originally Posted by deepsea
Right on,NativeSpirit.

What a lovely experience,Indigoasylum 11.
Do you think your friend realised he had passed into spirit?

Yes because he was concerned or worried about his family. Not sure if he had actually crossed over(all my friends come to me for advice) but he never has. For him to be worried would indicate he hadn't fully transitioned...right? Also...he was a bit hazy and kind of bright. I assume that's because he was a good soul with good energy even though he hadn't fully crossed over. I think he came to me because I have some pretty strong undeveloped psychic abilities. I believe we were talking even before I woke up....I woke up in mid conversation...I sat there listening after I woke up for a good 10 to 15 seconds. I wasn't scared at all. He didn't disappear until I rubbed my eyes and that was the first time I have ever seen a spirit or whatever. I seen another one 7 years later and it was that one that set me on to the course from religion to energy/vibrational frequency and spirituality.
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