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Hello, thank you for the responses.

I did respond a few days ago, but again, it did not go through.

This time however, I will make certain to copy it, and than paste if I have to.

All I can really fathom is, was that November was a month to rest & meditate, and I did some resting, but meditation was really hard - I know it is for most people. Than someone was sent my way to help with that, and still trouble, and than another was sent as soon as the first went, one came in, but I've since gotten rid of them as well.

When thing after thing after thing hits, that is a time to stop, but unfortunately for me, my mind is ALWAYS on. adhd ftw. I like to work, and I like to physically see things unfold - kind of an irony, in that I am very aware of spiritual capabilities in that, those things happen and are created whether or not you can physically see them with the eye.

All my directions are a dead end, even the ones that spirit wants me to go on.

Career through my family who say I'm getting the call, and than I don't.

Creative project for self employment - this is the area spirit keeps saying, go for it, go for it, go go go, now is the time. I found mentorship. The main part of the start up is fixed for the above.

Entry into a career by way of another means.

There were & still are some very positive outcomes, so I am trying to hold onto those. I know I am being helped, but I am not able to help myself.

I am burnt out. I've had 3 opportunities in the last week for cash jobs. I started having self image anxieties, and the inability to just be again. I also have been down to one meal a day, kinda boney lately with no energy & to not feel so stressed out and overwhelmed to just take things one step at a time.

Currently, I see no outcome with anything I do. & to the point of wanting to take my life again just two days ago.

My conclusion is, let it go, let it slide off, because whatever happens will be for the best. Something else will come in, maybe not right away, but it always does.
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