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Originally Posted by aimtobe
1) Do star seeds have past lives on Earth? I know they are sent here at this time for a mission to help the Earth race evolve, right? So, since they are a recent addition to Earth, are their past lives/memories only from other stars?

2) How do we know that star seeds are purposefully here on a mission? How do we know they aren't just curious about Earth life and want to experience it, incidentally raising its vibrations?

3) Are there star seeds here on Earth who may bring a lower vibration than Earth already has?

Many star seeds do have past lives on earth though not all do. The mission can involve having to come here many times.

Some can know they are here on a mission due to being able to connect to their soul and precisely know why they are here, other starseeds may not be on a mission but are due to curiosity

and yes. I have certainly met negative starseeds before who are here basically to just cause havoc. I had a very bad encounter with one of those back in the days of the Spiritweb website.

She purposely infested me with entity parasites which were from her original home planet and I had to seek out help to get all these things out of me. She did it on purpose and did it to many at that website. They ended up having to get together a small team of clairvoyant people to try to keep an eye on her and to help clear the people she was infesting with those things at the site. It was horrible and she was causing much suffering and was really enjoying what she was doing (after I was infested and others had to help me, I heard her bragging about how she brought her spider friends from her home world here to do this.. the entities she infested people with were spiders.. little spiders when she infected me but she sent giant robotic like spiders after a friend of mine trying to scare him).

We were trying to keep the whole thing quiet not to panic people but she infected with the entities from the other world quite a few other starseeds and not just me. So yes.. there are starseeds here who are on the dark side one could say.
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