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Originally Posted by SkyGodWarrior
Hello :)

I was working Lyft for a bit and I was driving around ft worth... it was late at night and I picked up a couple from the strip club. Upon talking to them I found out that one of the guys was in some type of special forces.... since I was in the military too I able to talk to him and told him of my pain in the mil too....

Although this guy was not angry or upset.... you can hear the pain and trauma from what ever he did in the intensity of energy in his voice.... upon arriving to his house and before they left the car he went over to shake my hand.

I should his hand back and instantly.... I felt sick and I had a headace... it took me a couple days to get over this instant sickness....

What was this? Does it help the person I have just touched? How do I safe guard myself from such sickness?

I have been doing a bunch of light work... so that may just be what happens when you come in contact with someone of the opposite spectrum?

any ideas?

Before this incident, did you believe something like this could happen?

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