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Yeah good point... I do a lot of healing on myself when I am hurt and i have tools too do so. I also pray for people throughout my day daily... so im sure that is what happend when I shaked his hand...

lol its happend with a old lady too but literally it was a jolt of electricity that sparked as I was passing by her... it was over a foot long...... whatever that was she was really happy about it...

I even shaked this girls hand and something similar happend and her hair began to stand up.... lol tsk tsk...

you know... everytime i go around those people stuff comes up that stops me from going....

especially in the previous town their is a guy who can see spirits and guardians like normal people.... and he was talking with a guardian.... he must know who he is.... and it seemed like my guardians were protecting me from knowing what ever it was..... I dont know how that is suppose to line up... maybe

I should be someone first before I know who I use to be?
I ask that you ask questions if you have them on what I have said. I have lots of experiences and feel that I can communicate them in a way that you can understand.
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