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Originally Posted by Azmond
That does not mean, true light does not exist. It does. true light is never above or beyond you, or left or right of you, but is inside you, on even grounds with you. True light is never part of hierarchy (Angels have hierarchy), because light knows, we are all the same.

Apology to not take the rest of your well thought out post in this context/ quotation.

This here says enough for me personally, and is truly what I feel every moment of every waking, and dreaming day and night.

Only for me, I do not even adhere to Michael. You see I've known this light is within us each, and have known this for a long time, my whole natural lifespan really. I also know this light within us all to come from the creator. What I genuinely care about, are my fellow human beings, which I witness God or The Creator, Great Spirit, and Universe within every day I am here.

Angels do not come close to describe the good I see in a very physical world, and in the most simplest ways or forms. A stranger to another paying for their purchase when they realize they left their money at home, The stranger who holds the door open for me as I many a time have done for strangers myself. The family that supports encourages and aggravates me day in and out, the genuinely funny things I hear children say and talk to each other about when out and about, or sitting out doors with my morning coffee. The feelings I get when I see a butterfly, hear a crow caw, feel a hug.

The moment of making a new friend, the grief of losing a loved one, the anger at an injustice, the love of a moment of silence.

I have witnessed God in all of that.

To me it is so simple. I feel the angels we pay reverence to, do not hold a place by a throne in a golden dimension in the sky.

The angels I pay reverence to, breathe the very air I do, live among each other every day. Sometimes they do not even take the time to stop and speak, and sometimes they'll surprise and support you when you need it most.

To me they are imperfect, often make mistakes, often more than make up for them, they love, they hate, they beg, they kill, they cry.

They're human, in utter perfection..
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Yours In Retrospect, The Universe.
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