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Originally Posted by Lynn

Citrine is a great example. We had one in the store that was expensive over $400 on the tag but you could tell it had been "heat treated" and it got finger lifted and posted for re sale. No one on site bit at buying it pointing out to this one that it was "fake" and so not worth that price. LOL their loss. Thought they would make a quick buck and Karma bit.

I have to laugh at the stuff that comes in that does not sell and sits there, that has a huge price tag on it, as buyers are getting more educated on what is real and what is fake and learning that natural is better.

The amethyst tower I got at a retail store might have been slightly heat treated but not to the point its BRIGHT blinding purple. It feels amazing so I know there is life in it.


Most Citrine is really heat treated Amethyst. Most people can not afford real Citrine. Remember Citrine and Amethyst are both Quartzs.

Some of the bright purple Amethyst comes from Paraguay.

Amethyst Towers are purchased wholesale by weight. If you look at the geode, normally you will find the bulk of the weight is the black cement that stabilizes the geode and also provides balance.
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