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I have had similar thoughts before to what you say, I just like playing devil's advocate. It's good exercise for the mind.

I like quartz too. It was my first love. Quartz is way cool because it's not extremely expensive like some stones ( tourmaline, opal etc... ) but it's very pretty and comes in many types and colors. Clear, white, red, pink ( rose quartz and pink quartz are actually different ), yellow, purple ( amethyst ), phantom green, black, and smokey. Oh and citrine is a type of quartz too. I have large specimens of them all except for white. To me white quartz is sort of like low quality clear quartz, never really was interested in that one, but of course everyone has a different opinion and different interests.

If you like quartz you might also like fluorite. Fluorite was one I got into right after my fascination with quartz. Fluorite can also be reasonably priced, and is extremely colorful. One of my favorite stones.

Lava rock ? Interesting. Is it formed like a crystal ? Would love to see a picture of it sometime.

Feldspar can be quite amazing. I have a labradorite which I love. Is the fiery feldspar have a play of color ? I would love to see this sometime as well.
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