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Over the last year or so at times I feel so very/goddam joyful. It is full of excitement and almost nervousness. It's a peircing joy, peircing my heart and soul.

I've experienced that VERY strongly a few times in the last 4 months. A friend of mine explained to me that it has to do with energies from the otherside (the energy of the spirits) mixing with ours. I get that excitement and nervousness whenever they are trying to communicate with me. I'm still learning to understand the messages they give me, but at least now I know that when I get that excited feeling I need to pay very close attention to everything around me.

As for the very white light expanding from within you ~ Doreen Virtue uses that technique on her chakra clearing CD. Perhaps you are experiencing a confidence boost from that because you're actually unblocking that which subdues your confidence.