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My understanding is that the "afterlife" is the Light dimension, which is the plane of existence where Consciousness comes from. In this plane of existence whatever you "will", comes to be. This is why we have the tendency to try to will reality to be what we want. We all probably at some point or another have tried to just WILL that we had a superpower or had money or whathaveyou. Especially during childhood.

I imagine it's like Dreaming, but it's inversed because it's not illusionary. It's all "real". So yes, it's whatever you imagine Utopia to be like. I had a dream once that me and my brother was in heaven, we were children again. We were in a big grassy plane and felt overwhelming exstacy for no particular reason. We were jumping for joy at the realization that we were in heaven.

That dream has been a primary motivation for me, to set the record straight and try to earn my way into the big pearly gates. So to speak. Because ultimately I know where I want to go when I die.
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