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I probably could go by that description myself. I have encountered several soulmates throughout my life.

You cannot use any such criteria to rule in or out the possibility of meeting up with one though. EVERYTHING is a factor from not being in the curriculum of this lifetime to you preventing it for any number of reasons. And then there are still unimaginable reasons it may or may not ever take place in this lifetime. There are no formulas, spells or Laws of Attraction to practice either.....(don't think of a carrot or only think of a carrot.....uh huh).

I also do not believe you have to be yourself to attract or not attract a soulmate. It is conceivable that you could be involved with a soulmate while feeling you are a fraud inside, many people do in fact feel that way even when they are in long term relationships. It is a very common trait. There is no rule excluding you.

I can identify a problem here with your outlook that has nothing to do with changing you chances of meeting up with a soulmate though. You are wanting to meet a soulmate enough to post this in the forum. We all are just as likely to have a bad time as a good time with soulmates and non-soulmates so do not even think of it anymore. It is possible that you already have been with soulmates and nothing stood out identifying them as such. This is just food for an overactive mind.

Just strive to better yourself and be a good half of all your relationships.....romantic and otherwise.

And true for everyone posting on this forum, this is my point of view based on my experience and knowledge of life.
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