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Originally Posted by Blue Tiger
The recycling thing really upset me too. I've recycled for decades now, and then to learn that it all ends up in landfills ANYWAY???? Because there isn't a market for it anymore and no one wants our used aluminum cans...
...... ends up in a landfill or is incinerated.

There is a market for aluminum cans. One item homeless people collect
so as to sell them is aluminum cans.
The governments can't do it for a profit so
they try telling us there is no market.

Go to a 3rd world country and you will be
surprised how much is recycled.

He dipped the pen into the ink and then faltered for just a second. A tremor had gone through his bowels. To mark the paper was the decisive act. In small clumsy letters he wrote: ........... April 4th, 1984.
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