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Originally Posted by FoxTracks
As I have seen auras before, but only rarely (it has been an experience every time I saw one), and I think it is possible that they are the same thing viewed through a different lense. Typically what I have seen has been a blurry energy field around the persons body a long with perhaps some color around the head area, or a strange tint of the light in a certain shade. I am guessing what I am sensing is an aura, and the outer, weaker part of the field just an extension of it.

yes, clairvoyance is my weaker area too and like you I tend to feel things more.

I see though what you see there.. but sometimes I see the colour very vaguely just above the shoulders (or around the head). The closest energy field around the body is the etheric field and that on is just off of the human body with the same shape as the human body and is the easiest level to see (i see that one as light surrounding close to a person).

If you hold up your arm and look at it, you may see it about 1cm or a bit more in your case as I suspect yours may be a bit stronger going from the body out in the contour of your physical form. That is your first aura layer. The layer you are using when you are playing with energy is a layer bigger than this.

There is a large field I occassionally around a person in a blurry way but I are not sure what layer that is I see.

As far as what the "Astral body" thing I described is, I can't imagine what else it could be. It acts as my avatar in what I call the astral world, and that's all I can say. I wouldn't describe it as acting in a different dimension necessarily, more in another plane of this reality. The beings I encounter there correspond with those I am encountering on this plane of existence.

yes thou if you transfer your more normal consciousness (yourself) over to the energy form you are making and travel a bit further away from your physical body, you may find you also encounter at times other beings. I mostly though with it experience things in our plane or connected with our plane.

One time I had an interesting experience where I was doing what you are doing with your energy and was forming the form in another room to try to observe my children (i'd been in bed meditating and playing with the astral energy but my children were supposed to be getting for school).. on that occassion I scared daughter a little as that energy actually moved a physical chair and sent it sliding across the floor (the noise from the chair moving gave it away that I was trying to watch them, they'd thought I was still sleeping LOL). The chair had been in the place where I was sending the energy to and trying to condense it into the human form. I did not realise this chair had been left there but amazingly "the energy" moved it out of it's way. So basically I unintentionally moved a physical chair 20-30cm across floor (its the only thing I know I've moved with it but if my kids had not told me what happened I would not have known that happened)
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