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A Method To Charge Your Energy Fields.

I picked this one from a book.It worked for me at some extent,so maybe you might find it interesting.
The only problem is that you have to go outdoor.

''This routine is tremendously powerful and brings incredible
vitality to your energy fields. It is best performed when no
one else is around, because it can look a little strange to the
It must also be performed in the open air. You need to find
a convenient tree, preferably an evergreen. If it has needles, like
a pine tree, so much the better. A Christmas tree in a pot is not
suitable; your tree needs to be growing from the natural earth.
The final condition to seek is that at least one branch of the
tree must be no more than four feet or so from the ground,
within your reach as you stand in front of it.
Walk up to the tree with your arms spread wide, hands
open and palms turned forward, as you would greet a long-lost
friend after a separation. Arrange your position so that both
hands are gently touching the foliage.
Turn your face upward, close your eyes, and as you feel the
leaves or needles brushing your palms, take five deep breaths.
Hold that position for about a minute, or slightly longer if you
Be careful now! You've picked up a very powerful charge
of energy from the tree, and it can literally set you back on your
heels. First, move your head gently and slowly forward until,
when you open your eyes, you're looking straight ahead, on a
Then, and only then, open your eyes. Check for a moment
to see that you have your balance and that you are not too dizzy
to step away. I f your head is spinning, stay where you are until
everything stops going around. If necessary, hold onto the tree
for support.
When your world is steady, step away from the tree, lower
your hands, turn to your right, and walk away.
You can, if you wish, thank the tree for giving you a share
of its iso-bionic energy, but if you feel that's a dumb thing to
do, forget about it.''
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