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After reading your response, and some further reflection and reading, I am thinking that perhaps this would be what they are:

1. The "Thing around my body" could be some sort of astral body? Is there such a thing? It usually seems to line up perfectly with my natural body unless I purposefully make it larger or smaller, and then it stays that size. In addition, I can make it leave my body -- sounds like astral projection?

2.) The subconscious is a term I like, and describes what I sense well -- typically surface level conscious emotions, and then things that seem to be more solid and have shape which are stored at deeper levels, containing other emotional energy.

3.) The aura -- could be the radiations of emotions out of the persons body?

4.) The merkaba energy field, or just the energy field. I have noticed a fair radius around people in which I can feel an energy field, but only get a fairly general sense of their energy from it, I think it is the energy field they are projecting. Usually hard and closed off or friendly and open. I had never taken a whole lot of heed of it or thought about it too much.

Thank you for the reply, which has helped me to order my thoughts and, I think, get a better grip on what's going on. I am open to more replies and increasing my working understanding.

P.S. I apologize if this post no longer pertains very well to auras -- I wasn't 100% what I was talking about, so I didn't know quite where to post it.
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