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Originally Posted by Explorer21
Russian writers say that Jesus and his disciples were from other planets on a mission to Earth. Therefore, heaven is not a vaguely metaphysical region, but actually is the literal sky filled with countless planets, stars and all kinds of celestial bodies. The Russian authors also claim that, when the Bible says the prophet Elijah was taken up into heaven, a physical meaning should be attributed to the words.

Elijah was finally taken up into the sky by a "whirlwind," a word that is an accurate description of modern UFOs. Another famous Biblical prophet, who wrote the book "Book of Enoch" which is a fascinating description of his experiences inside extraterrestrial spacecraft, talks about the mating between "angels" (space beings) and the daughters of Earth men. He also talks about his amazing voyages to various parts of the cosmos and planet Earth, and says he knows the secrets of the cosmos and has an in-depth knowledge of celestial bodies, including planets and suns.

It seems that the Russian esotericists are making a point which has to be true, in my opinion. Religious ideas, across many faiths, use metaphors and do not feel any necessity to discover the physical face of the metaphor. Yet reality is one and all are part of a unified field. It makes sense to me that the celestial meaning of heaven and the terrestrial sky are one as a field.

Where do people see lightships, but in depths? They are seen in the depths of the ocean and in the sky. Recently when I was on holiday at the Outer Banks before the hurricane evacuation, I was up at dawn and saw the sunrise. To my great surprise a golden saucer rested on the water and it vibrated with invitation. I intuited the truth and metaphor that we are welcoming the solar life on Earth. It will be a bright and shining love, far beyond anything humans conceived they were capable of. I carry that truth in my heart.
What is a question but a call to the Universe for its answer? Who are you but a call of the Universe to be heard? Unity is the true foundation of our unfolding reality. We all belong together within the kaleidoscope of our perceived singularity.
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