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Originally Posted by Explorer21
Starflower, you are on to something very profound when you speak of objects being portals to their creators. That is especially true of the ancient Gate of the Gods at Tiahuanaco. The Russians as a people have had a more open-minded attitude to psychic phenomena, UFOs, and other New Age topics, as compared with many other countries. Their scientists have been doing experiments with psychics for many years.

I have read about the people in Russia who perform advanced esoteric healing techniques. Concerning the relationship between Venus and Russia, I have to admit that I'm not quite sure what to say about it. I know that Russia's birth astrology chart is ruled strongly by the sign Aquarius which makes the people New Age minded.

It's often overlooked that certain areas of the world carry or perhaps, fulfill certain types of astrological energy. I'm glad to know that Russia is ruled strongly by the sign of Aquarius. I am thinking that if one starts to think of location as more than a place, but as a confluence of energies, it might be easier to grasp the how of interconnections.

Surely Russians have struggled with the nature of group consciousness, when one thinks of the Czars/Tzars for example and Trotsky, Lenin and the Purges, for another. Yet in the wholistic view, everything is being prepared for what comes after and grows beyond it.

Thanks for sharing these interesting thoughts, Explorer21.
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