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I have a funny story about my pets. So I have an German Shepherd (Sypher) who is just shy of two years and a pit bull (Pickles)who is 5 yrs (also my daughters). My daughter wanted a cat so we rescued one from our local shelter her name is Freya and she is a year old. Pickles is convinced the cat is his baby. Sypher on the other hand is very confused. We have had Freya for 2 months and he still cannot figure out what it is. She chases him through the house and occasionally loves him, but as soon as he sniffs her she swats him (minus the nails) he is terrified of her when that happens. Sypher keeps trying to make peace though, he takes his ball to her and drops it at her feet he bats at it with his paws showing her how to play then picks it up again and tosses it at her. The cat just looks at him with utter disdain like he is so beneath her. Lol

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