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Originally Posted by Busby
If a 'soul' is immortal then it has always been and always will be. It was never born and will never die. If you mean that such an immortal 'soul' can enter a physical form and not die (thus retaining the physical condition and so not returning to its 'soul' condition) then you haven't taken into account that Everything physical is made of atoms and atoms disperse. You, for instance, have a few of those trillions of atoms in your body which originally made up Napoleon's body. A thing is either eternal or not, eating only cabbage leaves (or whatever) won't prevent this basic law functioning. Only non-physical things can be eternal.
To live in this world and know that you are not of this world. One can keep their soul condition while inhabiting a physical human form. Everything is immortal, nothing is destroyed rather everything is transformed. The destruction of something is a matter of perception. Everything is made of spirit and talking about beginnings and endings is but a current human point of view which possibly is subject to change with more enlightenment of the human species. Our reality is interpreted by the experience of our senses.

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