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Chrysalis, the only numerology I have been introduced to is for personal information. Therefore I don't have a chart where I could tell you what the 24 meaning is to you. Since that would require personal information, it would be best for you to do this yourself. There is a site I use called they have a free one and then you can pay to unlock more of the program. This is is the same program numerologists at psychic fairs use. At least at the ones I have attended so it proves that it is a good program. There are all kinds of info there as well on numerology. So you might get some info there to help you. Just remember to read for 2 and 4 and 6 because breaking everything down can sometimes give you more information.

Oh okay, I'll just have to remember to look up the book meanings and add any info. that differs so we can compare this as well. I have not had a chance to find my rune card decks to see if they are Nordic for again, information that might not be listed in yours.

As for the color red for a pouch the store didn't say nor did the instructions say what the meaning of it having to be red meant. Definitely something to look into though, colors. Because Tarot cards usually recommend black. And my runes said white for a casting cloth.
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