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make believe. recently, because of the persistant activity going on in my head, i captured the remembrance of the instant in my childhood when the abiity to play "make believe" dissipated. i was playing "pirate" with my friend and had unearthed an old piece of rusty iron. in an instant that piece of rusty iron morphed from a priceless treasure object into a mere piece of rusty iron and the game was over. i saw the "treasure object" for what it really was. junk. i couldn't be a pirate that day or ever again.

now i'm being asked to play "make believe", make believe the grandiose stuff going on in my head is real, make believe that i know something profound, make believe that "something wonderful" is going to happen any minute now. but the rusty piece of iron STILL looks like just a rusty piece of iron and i STILL can't seem to be a pirate. just how literally am i suppose to take this "make believe"? i have a very literal and logical mind and i'm struggling with this.
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