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Originally Posted by inavalan
How else could we learn what we need to do, as individuals, and as humans, if not by integrating our whole being, pretty much the same way one becomes lucid in a dream? For that we can't rely on what others preach; the only way is to turn toward inside, and access a higher source of knowledge.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming number of people waste their Earthly opportunity pretty much as they waste their dreaming experiences every time the go to sleep.
Actually I don't see this as a waste of opportunity, opportunity is not lost because opportunity renews itself which we can avail ourselves through experience. The experience is the process. Is there only one opportunity or is opportunity a pattern? Obviously karma and reincarnation say many opportunity present themselves again. Opportunity present themselves whether one is ready or not ready. Forgot to mention, everyone gets the same (cosmic) opportunity. The young and old soul only represent the number of times one returns and still be a young soul in terms of experiencing the soul must pass through. I've noticed young soul set the foundation the soul goes through and the soul acquires. Take for example a person who seeks power and wealth and that is the desire and that desire is held on to. It is not given up in the current lifetime (incarnation). That would be attachment. Attachment as far as I have seen aren't given up in a single lifetime as it must be experienced. The experience is much like a dream to be sure.
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