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7L, I know the illness and subsequent damage was all for my good. But it sure didn't feel that way back then. I thought I'd died and went to hell. Seriously. There is just no way I can describe the pain of West Nile, let alone the brain damage, that followed.

With everything I'd already been through in life I thought I would coast the rest of my days in sameness and happiness. Boy was I wrong. But with the development of a much more refined spiritual understanding I don't feel the victim, I feel the conqueror. I need that brain-wave refinement to get to where I am today.

Wow, you called a group meeting and discussed things. You are way beyond my abilities. I get random snapshots, period.

The professional woman was on an Earth-like planet but I don't know it was Earth. There were tall skyscrapers all around her. She was looking up/around and thinking of how happy and good she was at her job but not in a conceited way. She was grounded. She was sure of herself. I whooped for joy for her in my heart.

Just remembered she even got a scant image/feeling that I was watching her. And she knew it was me. She looked in the general direction I stood (in spirit). Forgot that part till right now. I don't relive that scene often enough, lol.

The guy that broke my heart was a young soul. When I reincountered him, he was still living the young souls scenario. Mocho, loud, uncouth, self centered. I still shutter to think I crossed his path.

Just remembered another encounter. Again, this was back in 92 or 93 but I was still developing my spiritual abilities. I called a plumbing company and a plumber visited my home once while I was at work and fixed some leaky pipes. When I got home there was evidence he had been there, but he had long gone. I saw an image of this man in my mind. He was the man that raped me on my father's farm in a previous life. Clearly it was him. I felt him, I smelled him, I sensed him. Thankfully we did not cross physical paths. I don't think I could have taken that.

r6, Star Wars has been used often to relate to spiritual matters, and yes I consider sex to be a spiritual matter. It's just another way to Source. Not my path but it is for others. Just like "The Force" is referred to "The Powers That Be." Love your humor.

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