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Last night I had a drea with this boy. I sure he was my age, but there was another version of himself a little boy version. In this dream they both suffered from really bad nightmares, It felt natural to comfort him when ever it happened. I remember this huge bed, he was really scared and so was the other little boy. I went to the little boy first and asked my sister to tend to the older one. When I approached the little one, he looked scared of me, not in a sense that I'm dangerous to him, but more of..something else. He pulled away from, afraid to touch me or for me to touch him. I was going to hold in my arms and sooth him so he would feel better. While I'm trying to let him feel its okay, his older self kept tugging at my shirt, begging for my attention. My sister said he wouldn't accept her help and she walked off. I had no idea what to do because I couldn't help both of them, for some reason it felt like a bad idea. Suddenly, this heavy set woman, with a green shirt, red hair and green eyes sat before me. Her eyes locked on mine and never left. I started to sing a melody, it didn't have words really just a tune of lows and highs. I managed to take the boy in my arms as I kept singing and soon she joined in. It was this familiar harmony. I think she had the older one, comforting him. But I feel like it was my voice that helped both of them, like it was a special song they knew and treasured. I felt it, that this song resonated somehow with them. I remember looking away for a moment, my voice sang a lower tone. She just never looked away from me. It was strange...I've been having some strange dreams lately.
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