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This is the link (1 hour 30 minute presentation):

Published on Aug 16, 2017

Mind-blowing lecture that will take your understanding of the multidimensional Universe, the ‘Earth-Life-System’ and the ‘Human Experience’ to the leading edge of what’s been discovered by modern day pioneers in the field of out-of-body exploration; revelations about time travel and everyday humans who are time travelers; the uncovering of nonhuman technology that saturates the Earth Plane in a magnetic force designed to distract you from experiencing higher consciousness by keeping your “illusions” intact and much more.

Trained remote viewer, out-of-body explorer and brainwave entrainment researcher Todd Acamesis shows how, just as in the 1999 film The Matrix, we’ve all been living double lives – but that’s where the comparison ends. Because, unlike the characters in the movie, we remain totally oblivious to our other life. Todd’s talk uncovers the single biggest conspiracy of all time: the systematic suppression of Multidimensional Reality and Multidimensional Consciousness, with answers that involve astral travelling, remote viewing and experiments in synchronicity.

Special Feature from Glastonbury Symposium Archives, Recorded at Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers
The presenter started slowly, but ended on a tangent ...

I keep a high dose of circumspection about these professional presenters. It is difficult to say what he really experienced, and what he purposefully added to make himself for marketable.

The best way for those interested in these subjects is to learn to have such experiences themselves. The more you read others' accounts, the more your beliefs are formed, and the more likely you'll experience the same thing.
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