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Smile Question your beliefs and you may have different experiences

I do not doubt that some experience "astral police",
however symbols of authority/agents do not interest me, so I do not experience it.
That is where attention goes, energy [will] flows.

I experience enough governMENTal control structures in this Earth reality frame,
why would I want to manifest similar themes?

The word "mente" in latin means "mind".
Government is a PROGRAM, not a must have.
Religion and other CULTural beliefs are also PROGRAMS.
I choose not to watch T.V. PROGRAMs.

Know thyself. I am.

Like I said in my previous post, I continue to question all dogmas.
I have re-defined and continue to re-define my conceptual and emotional relationship with many ideas, symbols, themes and personas.
In short, the contents of my mind has been "cleanswept".
Since I get spammed daily, I continue to run anti-virus, anti-trojan and review my firewalls.

I am spirit, soul, consciousness, mind (all metaphors).
I do not re-liege (no religion).
I do not worship any stars (sun, celebrity, celestial objects, icons, symbols).
I know my "soul reigns eternal" (sovereign = Latin suveran),
so my mindscape, my subjective mental projections manifest my preferences.
I take RESPONSE-ability for my creations.
I choose to direct my play in mind/mine.

Besides under the current "Admiralty /Maritime Law" and "Uniform Commercial Code"
(Law of the Sea. Contracts. All parties are legal fictions.)
police OFFICErs are not peace keepers (they were under Common Law),
they are POLICy enforcers for Corporations/Governments.

Similarly some people report seeing "a silver cord" while astral projecting - I don't.

Your choice .
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