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Originally Posted by Ariaecheflame
Do you day - dream a lot?

I daydream quite a bit. Often when I feel very connected to my spirit, my daydreaming increases.

Daydreaming is a funny thing to me because I have to remember to always make sure I have a solid grounding in the physical. Like that movie - "Inception", I have to remember to leave reminders and anchors in the physical so that I always remain connected.
My spinning top are lists and alarms on my phone, reminding me of what jobs need to be tended to.
I do things which keep me grounded each day as well, exercise and mindfulness with the mundane.

I find it sad how kids who daydream a lot are discouraged from a young age instead of given guidance and mentoring on how to channel their imagination while still being connected to the physical world around them.

Not long ago not long ago at all in fact just maybe a few weeks ago or shorter, i forgot i used to daydream. I thought i never daydreamed. So i was disturbed by others daydreaming. I dwell alot but when i red about daydreaming on the internet i thought this didn't fit me. Then suddently i started daydreaming again like a wish coming true. I then realised i used to daydream alot not long before i thought i never daydreamed but i didn't think of it as daydream. Now i knew those were daydreams. When i begin daydreaming i begin thinking a thought then i seem to just sink into the thought almost hypnotically. Its like a dreamy state. So i choose what to think about and then i sink into the thought. I don't want to tell what they are about though but most revolve around one thing. Seems like i have many things i cannot let go off... I'm happy though that my wish came true.
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