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Originally Posted by Brieflampscissorsalien
Hello 👋🏻
Is it possible for spirit guides to put thoughts into your head as a means of communication?

I was thinking about my spirit guide and about another topic, and I suddenly had a thought as a reply to that particular topic, although this came through as words I wouldnít necessarily speak. It then happened again while I was debating the answer to a question, it was like a sudden thought/answer was planted in my head. I know this may sound like just my own thoughts but I got an overwhelming feeling of these two answers coming from my spirit guide.

Anyone else have similar experiences? What are your own beliefs on this? Hopefully Iím not going crazy, I donít feel like I am!

yes! guides absolutely put thoughts into our heads. so do other malicious entities. when we are aligned with either positive emotion or negative emotion, different beings of both polarities will have access to us in that space and strengthen the thoughts of negativity or positivity. i actually believe, in a sense, that many of our thoughts are from somewhere else - the Universe and other higher dimensional beings and we are guided based on what we focus on as they help align the physical world based on our perception of reality as we are creators of our reality.
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